The 3 Best Teeth
Whitening Products

What ARE the best teeth whitening products?

There are just 3 teeth whitening products that I think qualify as "the best". I have named 3 instead of just one, because they are all excellent products, but work differently and there are big cost differences.

So here's my best personal recommendation, based on 40 years in the dental business, PLUS having whitened my own teeth with a variety of different products over that time!

The best teeth whitening products are as follows, in order of how much the treatment costs - the least expensive first:


AURAGLOW teeth whitening.

The least expensive teeth whitening product that I recommend is from a company called Auraglow.  This is a company specializing in home made whitening with an LED light warming system, and they have come up with an ingenious way of getting professional-quality home teeth whitening without ever having to visit a dentist's office!

You can read all about this very cost-effective method at my page on the Best At Home Teeth Whitening. 


WyTen (or "Wy10") from the Smile Studio in London.

Again, the developer is a dentist, Dr. Wyman Chan. He recently completed a Ph.D on tooth whitening. His system also uses a warming unit to warm up the whitening gel during the one-hour chairside sessions. But you need a dentist to take molds of your teeth.

The WYTEN take-home kit also has a lower-powered version of the in-office warming unit, speeding up the whole process at home, too! This is probably the best home teeth whitening kit in terms of speed, comfort, and guaranteed results. It is called the "WyTen Get 2 Smile" kit.

A Get2Smile tooth whitening kit from WyTen in London.Get2Smile kit from WyTen

The downside? The take-home kit with warmer is a little more fiddly to use, but it is FAST! Also, it may be hard to find in America. And you need to go to a dentist's office.

I like this system because Dr. Chan was the first person I know who explained why "laser" teeth whitening is useless - the faster whitening effect was not down to the laser, but it was due to the WARMING effect of the laser. So, he uses a warming unit in his whitening kit, but it's not a fancy hi-tech laser; it's just a warming unit that does exactly the same job.

Here is a link to Wy10 in London.


KoR Whitening, developed by an American dentist, Dr. Rod Kurthy in California. It is the only teeth whitening product that relies entirely on refrigeration to keep the whitening gels fresh and active. It is an EXCELLENT teeth whitening product.

Any downsides? Well, it is probably just about the most expensive product, and it may be hard to find outside of the U.S.A.

Here are "before and after" photos of KoR Whitening treatment, kindly supplied by Dr. Rod Kurthy.

Before and after photos of teeth whitening - KoR whiteningKöR whitening by Dr. Rod Kurthy

Here is a link to KoR Whitening in America.

With both WyTen and KoR Whitening, you will get the whitest teeth in the shortest possible time by starting off with an intensive one-hour dental office whitening session, then backing it up with the professional take home kit.

The office session will "kick start" the process by conditioning the tooth enamel, allowing the home system to work quickly and efficiently.

Why do I recommend KoR, WyTen and GLO?

The BEST Teeth Whitening Products

You want a product that will get your teeth white - with NO complications. By far, the commonest complication with teeth whitening is tooth sensitivity or pain. So you also want a product that causes little or no sensitivity.

Whiter teeth. NO sensitivity. Simple?


In my experience, these are the only three teeth whitening products that REALLY get your teeth white, without sensitivity. You might think that nearly all dentists would simply use the best products all the time.

But they don't. WHY?

Like any business, dentists have to listen to what their customers want. When it comes to cosmetic services, the customer is king. But the customers usually want the bad products.

So why do the customers (ie. the patients) frequently ask for the wrong thing? It's because they see television shows where certain brands are promoted, and they read magazines where certain products are endorsed. Patients frequently make up their minds about a teeth whitening product based on how often they see it advertised.

Unfortunately, the heavily-advertised products are NOT the best.


The best home teeth whitening kits are only available to buy from dentists or a dental company (for example GLO tooth whitening). They are more expensive than over-the-counter teeth whitening products that you can buy at a pharmacy.

However, the best teeth whitening products will always give you the WHITEST TEETH, with NO SENSITIVITY. After all, how much is your smile worth to you?

My Recommendation?

If I had to choose from among the best HOME teeth whitening products that you can buy on Amazon, my recommendation would be the Auraglow system at Amazon, if you are on a budget.

If you live in the U.K. then Dr. Chan's "Get 2 Smile"  system is the way to go.

BUT, if you live in North America, and you want the BEST, regardless of cost, then there is no question that Rod Kurthy's Kör Whitening is the teeth whitening product supreme.

Updated 2023

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