Best Anti Snoring Device

 I have been looking for the best anti snoring device for several years. As a dentist, I regularly get asked questions from my patients about snoring and the best snoring solutions.

And I have finally identified what I believe is the best anti snoring device of all the devices and mouthpieces out there on the market, and it's approved by the FDA.

More about that in a minute; to understand how a dental device can act as a snore cure, you need to know a bit about why a person snores in the first place. Why is it that some people snore more than others? And some people don't snore at all?

Snoring is basically the sound that a person makes when their breathing is obstructed for some reason when they are sleeping. At one extreme it can be very mild, almost unnoticeable; at the other extreme it can be a serious medical condition affecting your general health - essentially, YOU ARE SUFFOCATING!

In a report in the Huffington Post, a study at New York University in 2015 made a link between snoring and earlier memory loss, and decline of cognitive function.

So, what causes the obstruction to your breathing? Why can't you breath normally when you're asleep? And why don't you snore when you're awake and walking around during the day?

When you breathe normally, air flows easily through your mouth, nose and throat.

If something causes any of those airways to get smaller, the air flow starts to become restricted. The most obvious example is having a blocked nose when you have a bad cold. We call this congestion. The simple answer here is to breathe through your mouth!

But the air flow through your nose can also restricted by other things, such as a deviated septum (the bone in the middle of the inside of your nose); also by small growths inside your nose, called nasal polyps. And by allergies or a sinus infection. These last ones cause the tissues inside your nose to swell up, which restricts the airflow.

Best Anti Snoring Device

BUT THE MAIN REASON FOR SNORING is a restricted airway in your throat, caused by bulky throat tissues, the throat and tongue muscles being too relaxed, and your lower jaw falling back.

To be completely honest, one of the most common causes of these problems in adults is being overweight. And so the simplest solution is to lose some weight, to reduce bulky throat tissues and so free up the airway through the throat.

Research has shown that this is the single most effective way to reduce snoring.

BUT what about those people who are not overweight? Or others who find it very difficult to lose weight enough to make difference?


Non-surgical treatments

For mild to moderate snoring problems, I recommend you look at my page on this website called  Snoring Home Remedies.  There are several really good suggestions there, and sometimes you can reduce your snoring by adopting a few simple measures.

For extreme problems with snoring, (called obstructive sleep apnea), the "gold standard" of treatment is known as "Continuous Positive Airway Pressure" - or CPAP for short.

This is a face mask that you wear at night, and there is a small pump that pumps air into the mask, creating a positive air pressure inside the mask and therefore also positive air pressure within your nose, mouth and throat. This air pressure helps to keep your airway open, and allows you to breath much more easily, which helps to prevent snoring.

Man lying in bed wearing a CPAP maskA CPAP mask

BUT there's ONE problem with CPAP: a lot of people try using it, but cannot tolerate wearing a mask over their nose and mouth all night. They just can't fall asleep with the mask on! So it doesn't work. And a CPAP machine is EXPENSIVE. So, even though a CPAP machine CAN give the best results, NOT MANY PEOPLE can tolerate wearing one.

Best Anti Snoring Device


A dental appliance that you wear at night, in your mouth. They work by gently pulling your lower jaw forwards by a few millimeters, to open up your airway. Although even the best dental appliances cannot achieve the efficiency of a CPAP, a dental device is much less intrusive, and MOST PEOPLE can tolerate them. And here's another plus point - the very best anti snoring device is ALMOST as good as a CPAP - it's very close.

An extra benefit to a dental anti-snoring device is that dental devices are  much cheaper than CPAP machines.

SO, to re-cap; the CPAP machine offers the best results, if you can tolerate it. Next up is a dental device to pull your lower jaw forwards a few millimeters. While these devices are not quite as good as a CPAP, they are almost as good.

When you add in the higher acceptance rate (more people can tolerate these devices), and the significantly lower cost, many medical specialists in snoring are recommending some type of dental device.

The image below shows how a dental device can pull the lower jaw forwards a little bit, to help open up your airway.

A drawing showing how an anti-snoring device can work

What's the Best Anti Snoring Device?

For a number of reasons to do with safety, proven results and comfort, I believe that the best anti-snoring device is the VitalSleep Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece. I'm impressed with this device, for several reasons.

  • First, it's flexible, whereas most other devices are rigid, which makes them uncomfortable to wear.
  • Second, it's adjustable, by turning 2 small screws, so you can get it sitting just right. Other devices either have NO adjustment, or only adjustable in steps to certain fixed positions.
  • Third, it's approved by the FDA for use as an anti snoring device.
  • Fourth, it comes in 2 sizes - Regular for men, and Small for women. Combined with the fully adjustable jaw position, this guarantees a comfortable fit.
  • Fifth, the service that VitalSleep offers - they have a 60-day money back guarantee, AND a one-year warranty. I think that's really good.
  • FINALLY there's the price. The VitalSleep anti-snoring Mouthpiece is around USD 60.

After several years of searching, and trying out different products in my dental office, I can recommend the FDA-approved Vital Sleep mouthpiece as the best anti snoring device. In my view, it stands head and shoulders above all the other dental devices out there, and at the price and with the company support, it's my recommended device.

Just Google "Vital Sleep" to go to their website.

For more information from the BBC website, have a look at this page all about sleep apnoea; this explains how serious the condition can be, and the possible treatment options as I have outlined above.

Surgical Treatments

Surgical treatments for snoring are normally ONLY recommended when you have gone through ALL the non-surgical options. The success rate is only 50% at best, most of the methods have a significant risk of complications afterwards, and post-surgical pain is significant. You can read more about this at Stop Snoring Surgery.


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