How To Fight
Bad Breath

How to cure Halitosis

If you're wondering how to fight bad breath, you have no doubt been looking around online for advice. How to cure halitosis is one of the most searched terms on Google. 

But cures have been a bit hit-and-miss in the past. What worked for one person didn't seem to work for another. Lots of people have their own little cures for bad breath - but they don't work reliably for others! There used to be a lot of confusion in the world of dentistry about how to fight bad breath.

If you want to check to see if you have halitosis, go to my page on bad breath testing here.

BUT not any more!

Around 1995, American dentist Dr. Harold Katz started work on developing the first truly effective method for how to prevent bad breath.

Dr Harold Katz of Therabreath standing in front of a green backgroundDr. Harold Katz

Before studying dentistry, Dr. Katz was a bacteriologist. This means he had a university degree specializing in BACTERIA.

This was a vital stroke of good fortune in the search for cures for bad breath, because it meant that he could understand how bacteria can be involved in bad breath (halitosis) causes.

How to cure Halitosis

At that time, the American Dental Association dismissed bad breath as only a cosmetic problem, and they refused to have anything to do with Dr. Katz. He was out on his own, as is frequently the case with true pioneers - the "Father" of dental implants, Dr. Brånemark, went through the same thing, where he was openly ridiculed at dental congresses.

But Dr. Katz was determined to prove the role of bacteria in bad breath, and he wasn't derailed from his mission!

Time has shown that the research done by Dr. Katz was precise and accurate, and that he really did have a solid scientific foundation for how to cure bad breath!

Harold Katz testing a woman's breath with a HalimeterBreath testing with a Halimeter

In 1997, Dr. Katz' research resulted in a line of products that effectively tackle halitosis causes at the root.

The cause of bad breath is bacteria, living deep within the surface of your tongue and throat. These bacteria break down traces of proteins left on your tongue and in your throat, and release sulfur-containing compounds. These are called "volatile sulfur compounds", (or VSC's for short) and they are the source of bad odors.

The bacteria are completely normal. They live in your mouth, in MY mouth, and are part of the process of digestion. Every human being on Earth has them, and they are nothing to worry about.

HOWEVER, occasionally these bacteria can become much more active than normal. They start to break down the trace proteins more quickly. When the bacteria really get going, the rate at which the volatile sulfur compounds are produced also increases, and you have bad breath.

As long as this rapid protein breakdown by the tongue bacteria continues, your bad breath gets worse.

How To Fight
Bad Breath

Effective cures for bad breath must do TWO things;

  • slow down the rate at which the bacteria can produce the sulfur compounds.
  • and also neutralise any VSC compounds that ARE produced at this lower rate.

You can find out exactly how to do this at my page on the best mouthwash for bad breath.

Here are the 2 products that I recommend to cure bad breath; One is a special toothpaste;

The other is a special mouthwash;

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How To cure Halitosis

The most important thing to understand is that the bacteria responsible for bad breath are not the result of an infection or the result of bad dental hygiene. These bacteria are in everyone's mouths. So, it's just not possible to get bad breath from another person.

What's important is how fast the bacteria work on breaking down proteins. Since these bacteria are part of everybody's normal mouth bacteria, you can't eliminate them from your mouth. It's just not possible to get rid of them. They are part of being a human being!

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cybersonic 3 toothbrush

How to prevent bad breath? The best way to prevent bad breath is to slow down the bacteria which are working on the trace proteins, and to neutralize the remaining low-levels of sulfur compounds that ARE produced.

Dr. Katz developed what has turned out to be the most effective cures for bad breath. This was proven in independent clinical trials in 2006. His line of products, called TheraBreath, was developed to work on the idea that you have to treat the bacteria producing the sulfur compounds in your mouth in order to prevent bad breath.

TheraBreath products are formulated to release oxygen in such a way as to slow down the bacteria from digesting proteins, and also to inhibit the bacteria from multiplying.

Any sulfur compounds that are produced are also quickly neutralized.

You can read more about the toothpaste at oxygenating toothpaste.

This is a reliable scientific solution to the the age-old problem of "how to fight bad breath"!

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