Here are some unedited testimonials from recent patients in my dental office. The original letters are available to see if required. I have added this page NOT to brag or show off: rather to show that it IS possible to provide painless dentistry to a high standard, even with nervous patients.

Testimonial 1;

"Having lived in Spain for three years I was ashamed to admit that making a dental appointment always got put to the bottom of the list. Having had some problems with dental treatment in the UK, I just kept putting it off.  Finally after a friend recommended Dr Richard Mitchell I made an appointment and  all too soon the dreaded day arrived.

I found the experience totally different from anything I had encountered before; Richard and Jennifer were excellent in explaining the treatment I needed and made me feel at ease. When I went for my first filling I felt relaxed and confident.

If I had to describe the experience in three words it would be “ professional, pleasant and painless”.  I will be back in April for my next check up.

Thanks to you both for curing my fear of the dentist."

Sue Hallett

Testimonial 2;

"You have certainly worked miracles, and your ears must have been burning with me singing your praises in both Spain and England.  I am forever indebted to you and Richard - you are two very special people who go far beyond the call of duty. I am still wearing the tooth brace at night and finish the antibiotics tomorrow and I can smile again - pain free - thank you so much. Hope you enjoyed the fiesta and cassis."  

                                                                                                                          Hilary Clark

Testimonial 3;

"A problem with my teeth was affecting me mentally, until I paid a visit to Clinica Britannia. I had finally found a dentist that took the time and listened to me.

For many years, I had one false tooth, but broke the plate while playing with my grand-children. I was recommended by a friend to go to a british dentist in Javea, who I later found out was not his dentist, he had only heard about her.

The dentist told me that having a false teeth on a plate was out of date and that I should have a bridge. She seemed a very nice girl, so I put my trust in her. It was only after having the bridge-work done that my problems really started. I knew the moment that the bridge went in that there was a problem, and told her. I was told that it was fine.

Four times I went back, and each time I was told that I would have to learn to talk again because my mouth was used to having the plate for so long, and that the pain would go away if I gave it the needed time. I was told that everything was all in my mind; they had no interest in anything that I to say, and after six months I started to see many other dentists, trying to explain the problem. I was treated as though I was mad.

Until I paid a visit to Clinica Britannia. After fourteen months of pain and being told that it was all in my mind, I am at last free of pain and the torment of the mind. I was treated as an adult and with kindness by Richard and Jennifer from day one. Their only interest was my health, and not my money. So for me, Clinica Britannia is Better By Smiles! If you are looking for a dentist who cares about you, then look no further."

Bob Brown,  Javea


Testimonial 4;

"For about four years now I have been visiting Dr. Richard Mitchell and his friendly staff at the dental practice in Clínica Britannia in Calpe. The initial draw was that the first consultation would be free of charge and there would be no pain whatsoever during the check-up or treatments. Cynical as I was after ‘experiencing’ (you know what I mean!) many different dentists in Spain and abroad, I decided to give it a go. What a pleasant surprise to enter in the eloquently decorated dental surgery with my favourite classical music (Vivaldi) playing and a wonderful reassuring smell.

Dr Richard listened to me with real interest, took his time and explained what he was going to do. When the moment came that I needed anaethesia, he showed me that, instead of a –not very welcome and long - needle, I was going to have small cotton rolls drenched in fluid to numb my nerves.

For me this was new and since that first visit it has been a joy to take the time to drive from Benitatxell to Calpe twice or three times a year for a consultation or treatment. I never have to wait long, and thus appreciate the punctuality. BBC News or Sky News is on in the comfortable and clean waiting room in case of an early arrival, and these summer months… Oh do I love the air-conditioning!

I am very happy with the professional approach of Dr. Richard and his able staff; they really do a lot for the patient to feel at ease, including showing me a genuine interest in my work and projects. Once I even fell asleep in the chair (it must have been the soothing Mozart of course!) and that would be the greatest compliment I could give a dental practice after a good 45 years of endless nervous visits to dentist all over the world!"

Trudi van Dorp.

DRU yoga and meditation instructor at the Costa Blanca, Spain.

Testimonial 5;

"I visited the dental team in Calpe and they were excellent in all respects.  I am a very nervous patient and was made to feel relaxed at all times during treatment and cleaning, and I was kept fully informed about the treatment thereby reducing my anxiety further. I would highly recommend this practice."

Peter Mohr.

Testimonial 6;

"First class dentistry, completely painless from start to finish. Dr. Mitchell and staff are 'Simply The Best'."

George Giddings.

Testimonial 7;

"After suffering from severe earache my doctor referred me to an ENT consultant, and suggested a dental check. Richard said I was grinding my teeth while asleep, which he thought was a major factor in my condition, and he suggested a splint to wear over my teeth at night. This diagnosis was confirmed by the ENT consultant.

Richard made the splint, and within a week I had no more pain! The follow-up procedures were done pleasantly and promptly. I am delighted with the product and the service from Richard and his staff, and could not recommend them higher."

Gerry Carter.


Testimonial 8;

"I can recommend this dental practice.  I felt relaxed and at ease throughout my treatment,  and now know, I have at last found a reliable and excellent dentist"

David Eccles.

Testimonial 9;

"I would like to thank Richard and Carol for restoring my faith in dentistry! I used to lose a night's sleep and ruin my whole day for a visit to the dentist.  However, within three visits and three fillings at their office, they have managed to quell my fears and mistrust of dentists. I was treated with kindness, patience, understanding and expertise the likes of which I have not experienced before in the dentist's chair. I did not feel a thing, honestly. To anyone who is afraid or concerned about going to a dentist, a visit there will put you right back on track. Thank you,  I really appreciated how you have helped me!  A real big "thank you" - teeth doing fine!"

Liz Evans.

Testimonial 10;

"It took a while to find a good dentist who was good with a very nervous patient. Richard and his staff are great."

John Hughes.

Testimonial 11;

"After not going to the dentist for many years due to bad experiences,  I needed to go when on holiday.  I found Richard and Jennifer very welcoming. Everything was explained to me in detail, and the treatment was painless and the final results were perfect. I am no longer scared to go to the dentist,  and I look forward to going to see Richard and his team,  and would recommend them to everyone."

David Tweats.

Testimonial 12;

"Without a doubt, the best dentist I have ever visited. Richard and Jennifer have totally cured my phobia of dental work.  Thank you guys!"

Shirley Archard.

Testimonial 13;

"Thank you so much for the very considerate care you gave me in removing my broken tooth. It was a painless operation, and I have had no bad after-effects whatsoever.  You and nurse Carol were kindness itself, and I thought I would like to tell you that you have a very grateful patient."


Testimonial 14;

"I would just like to thank you for the superb pain-free treatment, and the care you and your staff afforded me during  my recent dental appointments. I would recommend you to anyone that requires dental treatment. Thank you."

Dave Osborne.

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