Best Oral B
Brush Head

If you're wondering about the best Oral B brush head for YOU,  you've come to the right place! Buying a replacement brush head for your Oral B electric brush is relatively straightforward.

With the exception of the top-of-the-range iO model and Sonic model, all Oral B brush heads will fit all models.

So, which is the Best replacement Oral B brush head? It depends on what you are looking for. Here are the main 9 replacement brushes that could claim the title "Best Oral B Brush Head".

Best Oral B
Brush Head


Oral B call this brush design the 'FlossAction", and they claim that the individual bristles have a floss-like action to loosen dental plaque. Essentially, some of the bristles around the perimeter of the brush are longer and finer than the others.

This helps them to get into the little crevices between individual teeth. However, Oral B is clear to point out that this brush head does not replace normal flossing.

The yellow bristle groups are called Micro-Pulse bristles, which are a little firmer, and spaced optimally to get into the grooves between your teeth.

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3D White

The big thing about the 3D White brush head is that it has a small rubber cup in the center, very similar to a rubber polishing cup that a dentist or hygienist would use to polish stains off your teeth.

This rubber cup works by holding and concentrating toothpaste into the area being cleaned, and by the rubber material itself having a high coefficient of friction, meaning it 'rubs' the tooth surface more effectively. This can remove stubborn staining, while the bristles around the edge remove plaque.

The final result is a whitening effect - if you have staining on your teeth!

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Pro Gum Care

The Pro Gum Care replacement brush head has very thin bristles that are also soft, and therefore gentle on the gums. So if you have tender or sensitive gums, this could be the brush head for you! The bristles blocks are also slightly more widely spaced than the other brush heads, resulting in a less dense bristle pack.

Oral B Pro Gumcare replacement brush head

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Best Oral B
Brush Head

Precision Clean

The Precision Clean brush head is my personal favorite oral B replacement brush head. It's a nice small size, so that you can get to every corner of your mouth, the bristles are densely packed, and it's very good at removing plaque.

Compared to the photo above of the Pro Gumcare brush, you can see that the Precision Clean brush has more densely packed bristles, which makes it my favorite brush head!

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Sensitive Clean

This Sensitive gum care brush is claimed to be good for teeth and gums that are extra-sensitive. All the bristles are the same length, and they are extra-fine and soft, although densely packed. This makes the brush less aggressive or abrasive, so if your teeth are sensitive from having thin enamel near the gum edges, this brush will not abrade the enamel over time.

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Cross Action

The Oral B Cross Action brush looks a bit weird at first sight. There are angled groups of brushes around the edges, with one vertical bristle group in the center. This is designed to work well where the teeth are irregular - ie. not completely straight and level.

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Best Oral B
Brush Head


This brush head uses bristles that infused with charcoal. The idea behind the Charcoal brush head  is that the microscopic charcoal particles are slightly abrasive, and will help with removing stains from the enamel surface, resulting in whiter teeth - assuming your teeth are stained in the first place. To be honest, I feel that this is part of the current charcoal fad, and I haven't seen any reliable scientific studies that prove a benefit. But people seem to love this brush head anyway!

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ALL the brush heads above will fit ALL Oral B electric toothbrushes EXCEPT the iO model and the Sonic model.

Below we list the iO - compatible brush heads.

Best Oral B Brush Head
- iO Series

iO Ultimate Clean White

The Ultimate Clean White brush head will only fit the Oral B iO model of toothbrush. It has 2 groups of bristle tufts; longer ones around the edge of the brush head, and slightly shorter ones on the center of the brush head. Oral B claims that this allows the brush head to fit around the tooth surface better, ensuring that bristles can reach every part of every tooth surface.

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iO Ultimate Clean Black

The Ultimate Clean Black is exactly the same as the Ultimate Clean White, except for the color. So it's entirely up to you, whether you prefer a black or a white toothbrush head!

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iO Gentle Care

This brush head has 4000 filaments, according to Oral B. As you can see, the iO Gentle Care bristle tufts are less dense than the Ultimate Clean, and are all the same length. The individual bristles are also finer. The end result is a softer brush that is gentler on your teeth and gums.

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I hope my list of the best Oral B brush head has been useful! Just remember to get the correct brush head for your model of Oral B electric tooth brush, and then brush for long enough - at least 5 minutes!

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