WaterPik Power Flosser
An Electric Flossing Device

Is a power flosser a REAL alternative to normal flossing?

As a dentist, I can definitely say "YES"! This is NOT a water flossing device. It uses a small piece of rigid "floss" that vibrates rapidly, wiggle the floss tip inbetween the teeth.

The WaterPik Power Flosser is a small, battery-powered floss device. It's about 4" long, and fits easily into the palm of your hand. I think it can be a useful alternative to normal floss.

WaterPik claims that it helps you to get floss into those awkward areas, and then does the flossing for you while you hold it in position!

It means you can floss with one hand, which can be extremely useful for people with mobility problems in their hands or wrists, such as arthritis.

The WaterPik Power Flosser has an angled handle. In the basic set-up you get the handle, a battery, and 15 replacement tips.

How To Use The WaterPik PowerFlosser

The vibration helps to slip the floss between the teeth. If you have tight teeth, the secret is not to push too hard. Don't be in a rush. Just position the floss where it needs to go, and let the vibration of the WaterPik do it's job - it will slowly "wiggle" the floss down between those teeth.

Getting it back out is the same. Take your time. Just use a gentle pressure away from the gum, allow the WaterPik time to work, and those vibrations will gently work the floss back out from between the teeth.

Then rinse the floss tip under some running water, to wash off any loose debris and plaque, and then go on to the next tooth. It will take you a few minutes to get round all your teeth, but it's worth the time.

WaterPik Power Flosser

The WaterPik PowerFlosser vibrates gently, at 10,000 strokes per minute.

No aggressive buzzing here! It gets rid of that bacteria-laden plaque efficiently. According to WaterPik, people who try the Power Flosser for the first time say that it would encourage them to floss more frequently - definitely a good thing!

Independent research has also proven that the WaterPik Flosser is just as effective at removing plaque and reducing gum inflammation as normal flossing, if you take your time and go slowly and carefully.

So don't worry that the Power Flosser is somehow not as good as normal flossing. It may take a bit of getting used to, but then so does normal floss!


While the WaterPik PowerFlosser is very small and fits neatly into a lady's purse, some men may find it TOO small to grip comfortably. Another issue is getting hold of refills. The refill floss tips may be hard to get in your local pharmacies and stores, but they are easy to find online -  Check out this link to Amazon.

Overall, I think the is very useful for people with a hand or wrist problem. It may also help people who just can't manage regular floss. Here is a link for purchasing details: WaterPik Power Flosser.

But if you can manage normal floss, then it may better to go that route, as you have many more choices of floss and tape types, such as Oral B Pro-Expert floss.

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