Hypnosis Downloads for dental phobia
and dental pain

Self hypnosis at home using hypnosis downloads for dental phobia and dental pain is a fantastic way of getting all the benefits of hypnosis, at a fraction of the cost of seeing a professional hypnotherapist!

Of course, seeing a professional hypnotist FIRST is always an option when you want to work through a problem, and identify the exact issues at the root of your trouble. They will help you sort out your thoughts, and introduce you to the hypnosis process. Once you have experienced the calm and confidence that hypnosis can produce, you will want to continue!

But if you KNOW the problem you want to solve, such as fear of the dentist, then you will be in a great position to benefit from going straight to cost-effective hypnosis downloads for help in maintaining and improving your mental health.

dental hypnosisdental hypnosis

I trained in medical and dental hypnosis while I was working in England, and I found that it was a superb way of helping people with dental fear, dental phobia and dental pain.

To be honest, like most people, I was a little skeptical of hypnosis at first. I had seen those television shows where a stage hypnotist gets a few of the audience up onto the stage, and then gets them to do something funny.

That put me off hypnosis - I didn't like the thought of someone else being able to control me and tell me what to do.

Until I spoke to someone I trusted, who had been using hypnosis for years to help with dental treatment - my mother! This was something she had kept to herself, as back then hypnosis still had a slightly odd reputation.

Hypnosis Downloads

BUT my mother told me all about her experiences, and it converted me. The most important thing I learned was that YOU DO NOT FALL ASLEEP, at any time. I had always assumed that when you were hypnotized, you "fell asleep" or were unconcious in some way. I had assumed that you didn't know what was going on.

SO what's it like being hypnotized?

For some people, it's a little disappointing at first. You might expect to "float off" and feel like you've just had a big dose of Valium. It's nothing like that, at least not at first.

Initially, the hypnotist (or your hypnosis download) will suggest that you sit in a comfortable chair or maybe lie down on your couch or bed. Just spend a few minutes getting comfortable. Then, you will normally hear some instructions. Most commonly, you will be asked to start counting down from, say, 301, in your mind. You do this silently, in your own head, while the hypnotist continues to talk.

As you count down, most people will lose track of which number they were at. It doesn't matter. Just pick a number near where you were at, and start counting down again.

This initial process works in 2 ways; First, your mind is going "down" as you count backwards. This has the effect of helping you to relax. Second, your conscious mind is doing the arithmetic, subtracting 1 by 1 as you work your way down from 301. This allows your unconcious mind to hear the hypnotist, and pay attention.

At first, this may seem like a weird distinction. You might think that you have to pay full attention to the hypnotist, to hear what's going on, and follow the commands.

BUT it doesn't work that way!

The hypnotist wants to talk to your UNCONSCIOUS mind - that part of your mind that controls things in the background, without you thinking about it.

hypnosis downloadshypnosis in dentistry


Usually, you will be concentrating on the counting-down process, getting lost, starting the counting-down again, and hearing the hypnotist talking about relaxing. You will feel like you are just relaxing in your chair, with your eyes closed.

Then the hypnotist (or hypnosis download) will go off on a tangent a little, asking you to imagine a certain scene. It may be a walk down a country lane, it may be in a boat, or that you are flying. They will ask you to imagine certain sensations, like the smell of the flowers, the feel of the sun on your face, or the taste of a favorite ice-cream.

HERE is a direct link to the best Hypnosis Downloads source I know of.

Hypnosis Downloads

Sometimes, with a professional hypnotist, they will want to get you to relax a little more than you are, and they will use a slightly different kind of "story" for you to imagine. A common one is for you to imagine that you are in a large department store in a city. You are on the top floor, and you have bought what you want, and it's time to go home.

They ask you to imagine going to the elevator, and going in with a few other people. Then they count you down through each floor of the building, with people getting in and out at each floor as the elevator goes down. (There's that "going down" thing that I mentioned when starting off counting down from 301).

With each floor that the elevator goes down to, you relax a little more. Your arms become a little heavier. You feel a bit more comfortable as you go down.

You will normally be taken down 5 to 10 floors, with the hypnotist asking you to imagine the elevator stopping at each floor, imagine some people getting out and some getting in, and the elevator going down to the next floor.

Here's the trick.

When you reach the ground floor, the hypnotist will ask you to imagine everyone in the elevator going out. But not you. You stay in the elevator, and it GOES DOWN another level, to the basement!

This unexpected descent to another level DOWN tends to get you REALLY relaxed!

BUT you still feel like you're just sitting there in the chair, following the requests, but that you are normally awake and could open your eyes at any time. YOU CAN. But you choose not to, you choose to continue with the scenes because they are comfortable and enjoyable, and you are intrigued to know where the "story" will go next!

And around this point the hypnotists will start to make some subtle suggestions connected with the issue you want to resolve. Frequently at this point, your mind has wandered off into the scene you have imagined. You can hear the hypnotist in the background, but your attention is elsewhere.

There are 2 important things to emphasize here.

  1. You are NOT asleep nor incapacitated in anyway. If there was a need, you could open your eyes and be "back to normal" within seconds. YOU ARE IN CONTROL.
  2. The hypnotist is talking to your unconscious mind, making suggestions that will help you. BUT if they suggested something inappropriate, against your moral code, such as to take your clothes off, you would resist and just open your eyes. You cannot be made to do something you would not do normally, or would be against your nature!

The next thing you know, the hypnotist is starting to talk about gradually "coming back" and "waking up". You may feel a pang of guilt because your mind has wandered off and you can't remember a thing they were saying for the last 5 to 10 minutes.


Don't worry that you seem to have been day-dreaming while the hypnotist has been talking to you. That's how it is supposed to work. And the suggestion of how to deal with your problem issue has been sown in your unconscious mind.

Dental hypnosis downloads are available from many sites online. Most are good, but some are not so good, and, frankly, a waste of money. Easily the best downloads in terms of effectiveness, great customer service and fantastic website, are from Hypnosis Downloads.com.

I have used some of the downloads myself for help with other issues, and I have always been very impressed with the ease of ordering and the quality of the products.

Dental Hypnosis Downloads

Why download dental hypnosis recordings? Hypnosis is a very powerful way of dealing with several dental problems, from dental surgery phobia to teeth clenching, jaw grinding, and creating your own dental anesthesia, as well as gaining control of your gag reflex, and controlling post-operative pain after, say, a dental implant or a tooth extraction.

What's involved in using downloads to help with dental problems? First, go ahead and look at:

Self hypnosis downloads from hypnosis downloads.com

Search our self hypnosis sessions below or browse over 800 self hypnosis mp3s

Search for:

Go into the search box, in the image above, and type in "dental". You'll get a list of the downloads available that involve dental problems. You'll see "dental phobia" in there.

Then, click on the link that is of interest to you. You'll be taken to a page with more information about your selection, and a link to download the hypnosis session if you want to proceed.

Once you have the download, you can listen to it on your computer or transfer it to an MP3 player, such as an iPod. The tape session starts with some simple instuctions on how to get the best from the download.

I have found that listening to the download through headphones gives me the best experience. Sometimes, I "wake up" at the end of the session, and it feels like I fell asleep, because I could not remember ANYTHING about the hypnosis session I just listened to! BUT I always feel good afterwards, and I start to feel the desired effects of the session within a few hours.

Normally, you have to listen to the download every day for the first week, and then every two to three days after that for another week or so. The more you listen to the hypnosis session, the better it works!

I highly recommend dental hypnosis downloads for REAL, EFFECTIVE help with several issues relating to dental treatment and dental problems, especially dental phobia.

Here is a link to an article in the highly-regarded NATURE journal about hypnotism and dentistry. Please read it all the way to the end!

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