BlanX White Shock Toothpaste
with LED accelerator

I really like BlanX toothpastes, especially BlanX White Shock toothpaste, and BlanX non-abrasive Stain Removal paste. They tick all the boxes that are important for me personally and also as a dentist.

They claim to be whitening toothpastes, as do many other toothpastes on the market. So is White Shock any different?

I think that it is.

However, it's important to get one thing straight immediately. There is NO whitening toothpaste that will get your teeth as white as even the most basic take-home whitening kit, such as Crest Strips. What ALL whitening toothpastes do is create the illusion of whiter teeth by gradually removing staining as you brush. How well this works depends on how much staining you have to start with, and how well (ie. how long) you brush your teeth for.

BlanX White Shock LED 2022

BUT having said that, BlanX White Shock with LED accelerator can produce a decent whitening effect, even though it may not be true whitening of the tooth enamel.

You may be better off seeing a dental hygienist for a thorough clean and polish, and then you can use White Shock to maintain those shiny teeth. Read on!

When you get your BlanX White Shock "white and protect" toothpaste in the 50ml tube, it comes with a small LED light unit that fits onto the nozzle of the tube.

So first, you have to get the tube of White Shock out of the box. It comes with instructions in English and Italian. These instructions are detailed enough to describe what you have to do, without being complicated.

Next, you have to unscrew the top from the tube, and peel off a foil seal that guarantees the paste is fresh. As a dentist, I prefer a screw top on my toothpaste, as I feel that it seals better than a flip-top lid. So I like the screw top on this toothpaste!

Once you have the top off, you probably want to take a quick look at the toothpaste itself. It's bright blue, and has a minty smell.

Your next step is to attach the LED unit. It screws directly onto the toothpaste nozzle, and it's meant to stay on there for the life of the tube. ie. leave it on until the tube is empty. THEN you can order a replacement tube in 75ml size, and transfer the LED light to the new tube, because the 75ml size DOES NOT come with the LED unit.


BlanX White Shock Toothpaste

Now you're at the fun part! When you unscrew the tip from the LED unit (which is now fitted to the toothpaste tube), it releases a tiny micro switch inside, and you see a bright blue light coming out.

As you then squeeze the tube to force some toothpaste out, it is lit up by the light, and the manufacturers claim that this LED light activates a special ingredient in the paste called ActiLux. So it is being activated by the intense light as you squeeze the toothpaste on to your brush.

ActiLux is a chemical compound called "titanium dioxide hydroxyapatite". This is essentially a reflective compound, which reflects natural daylight and artificial lighting that falls on the teeth. You can think of it as being like millions of microscopic cat's eyes that seem to light up when you shine a light.

It is this reflective property of ActiLux that contributes to the effect of whitening with BlanX White Shock toothpaste. The manufacturers claim that a thin layer stays on your teeth through the day, reflecting light and so making your teeth look whiter.

After brushing with BlanX White Shock toothpaste and spitting out, you can then put the LED bite unit directly onto your teeth, held in place by your lips, for a few minutes to increase the activation of the ActiLux.

Obviously, it's best NOT to rinse out with water after brushing, as you will wash off a lot of the ActiLux. Also, it means that more fluoride stays on your teeth, which makes it more effective at preventing cavities.

The obvious catch here is that it DOES gradually wash off as the hours pass, and so you need to brush your teeth again with the LED-activated paste to get a fresh layer back on your teeth.

But BlanX White Shock toothpaste does not rely just on LED-activated ActiLux. The other way that it helps to give the effect of tooth whitening is in stain removal. It is quite effective at removing slight to moderate surface staining, providing you use a decent electric toothbrush and you use it for long enough – minimum 5 minutes.

This 5 minute period of brushing will give White Shock a decent amount of time to shift staining AND deposit a thin layer of ActiLux on your teeth.

Most people have some degree of staining on their teeth, from drinking coffee, tea, red wine, colored sodas, and smoking. If you can see obvious dark stains on your teeth, your best bet is to go along to see a dental hygienist for cleaning and polishing.

This will remove all the staining on the surfaces of your teeth, and give you an instant whitening effect! After that, BlanX will help to keep any new staining to a minimum, as it helps to remove staining in the very early stages of build-up.

On a personal level, I like the texture of the White Shock paste. It has a decent amount of body to it, and is not watery like some other modern pastes.

This means that BlanX White Shock toothpaste does not feel like it's dissolving as you brush. I can brush around my teeth for 5 to 6 minutes without feeling like I'm running low on toothpaste!

Also, the paste is smooth, without being gritty, and it feels like it is gentle on my teeth. This sensation is backed up by the science, which rates BlanX toothpastes with low abrasiveness - good for your teeth!

Obviously, the same applies to the BlanX non-abrasive Stain Removal toothpaste. The extremely low abrasiveness of BlanX toothpastes is remarkable, especially for whitening and stain removal pastes!

BlanX White Shock Toothpaste

The next thing I like is the flavor. I find this to be pleasant, not too strong, and without any burning sensation that you get with some toothpastes. I have recommended White Shock to many many patients, and to date nobody has complained about the flavor!

Order your BlanX White Shock toothpaste via Amazon by clicking on this link or on the picture below!

BlanX White Shock LED 2022

All these things are positive, but would count for nothing if the toothpaste itself was garbage. But it's not. In fact, it's one of my favorite toothpastes, based on the science!

Here's why...


It also contains an extract of Arctic Lichen. This has been shown to produce a gradual whitening effect on teeth, if used regularly. Some years ago, BlanX was the only toothpaste recognized by the World Health Organization as having proof of a whitening effect!


Blanx toothpaste also contains fluoride. This has been proven scientifically to strengthen tooth enamel, and make teeth more resistant to decay.

Low abrasiveness.

I really like this feature. Some other toothpastes that claim to be "whitening" toothpastes are actually quite abrasive, and they get their results by being able to scrub off staining. But they are also harsh on the tooth enamel. Over time, this could lead to the enamel becoming thinner.

BlanX White Shock toothpaste, on the other hand, has been tested by independent laboratories, and been awarded a "low abrasive" ranking. Good for your tooth enamel!

Gum care.

BlanX also has ingredients that help control gum disease. One is Xylitol, which stops bacteria from sticking to your teeth, thereby inhibiting plaque build-up. Others are anti-bacterial, and fight the bacteria that cause gum disease. Other ingredients are anti-inflammatory, helping inflamed gums to settle down and become firmer.

BlanX White Shock toothpaste

BlanX White Shock LED 2022

To sum up: There are many good toothpastes available these days, and it's difficult to pick out just one that is "best". But White White Shock toothpaste is definitely up there with the best, and it is my personal favorite!

While it does not produce true tooth whitening of your tooth enamel the way a hydrogen peroxide based system can, it DOES create an effect of whiter teeth by effectively removing surface staining and increasing the reflectivity of your teeth. It's not TRUE teeth whitening, but it looks like something close!

I would always recommend a visit to a dental hygienist first to eliminate existing staining, and using BlanX White Shock toothpaste to maintain stain-free teeth. If you want true tooth whitening, producing pronounced whiter tooth enamel, you will need a peroxide-based whitening system. More details on that HERE.

To get the best out of White Shock, you need a great toothbrush. My recommendation is the Cybersonic3 from Amden. Find out why HERE!

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